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Pressure Washing is a Key element in Maintaining and Restoring the Beauty of your Home and Business…

We offer Professional Pressure Washing in Discovery Bay, CA. Our Discovery Bay Power Washing Service is perfect for Exterior Cleaning, Maintenance or Restoration for Your Home, Roof tops, Drive ways, Decks & Docks or Business! We remove dirt, grime, mold & mildew, moss, cobwebs, oil, grease, and more.

Residential Property Cleaning:
  • House Washing,
  • Gutter and Down Spout Wash,
  • Chimney Wash,
  • Driveway Wash,
  • Walk Way Wash,
  • Step and Porch Wash,
  • Fence Wash,
  • Garage Wash,
  • Patio Wash,
  • Pool Deck Wash,
  • Deck Wash
Commercial Property Cleaning:
  • Side Walks,
  • Store Fronts,
  • Building Cleanings,
  • Strip Malls,
  • Office Parks,
  • Condominiums,
  • Town Homes,
  • Home Builders,
  • Power Wash Awnings and Signs,
  • Gum and Tough Stain Removal

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